Fast food and the fast food industry

The fast food chain McDonald’s has had its fair share of controversy over the years, with its franchisees being accused of paying undocumented workers to work at its restaurants in the U.S. and Mexico.But a new study suggests that the fast-food giant is doing a better job of protecting workers when it comes to wage […] →Read more

What is Pizza Fast Food?

In 2016, Pizza Hut announced it was shutting down a handful of locations in the United States and Canada in order to focus on expansion and profitability.While Pizza Hut will no longer be in business, the chain is still alive and well on the national level.However, the fast food chain’s demise is far from the […] →Read more

Which Rockers are You Gonna End up Calling in the New Year?

Fast food rocker Big Boi is no stranger to having to deal with fans on social media.He’s got a big following on Instagram and Twitter, and it’s gotten to the point where he’s been compared to The Weeknd.So when Big Bois wife, singer and wife-to-be, Brittany, was recently invited to perform at a sold-out Madison […] →Read more

Filipinos want fast food to ‘save their jobs’

Filipinos are demanding fast food be taken out of their homes and replaced with healthier alternatives.In a statement issued Monday, the countrys chief of police said that the government will review the current rules and regulations regarding fast food.“While it is important to preserve the Filipino fast food industry, we must ensure that the healthy […] →Read more

‘We’ve got to do something’: McDonalds to pay $300K to Keto fast food workers

Fast food company McDonald’s has agreed to pay a $300,000 fine and settle allegations of using cheap food to boost profits.Keto fast-food workers at McDonald’s restaurants in Oklahoma City, Okla., will now have a $200 meal payment to compensate for lost wages.McDonald’s has been the target of a lawsuit filed in 2016 by a group […] →Read more

Why you should love fast food

Fast food has been a huge hit with fast-food lovers around the world.A number of countries are seeing huge growth in fast food consumption.Now, the fast food industry is facing a backlash from the public over the safety of the food, with many concerned about the impact on their health.Fast food lovers across the world […] →Read more

How to find fast food films online and on the go

When you search for fast food on the web, the search term “fast food” is all the rage.But you won’t find a comprehensive guide to the food available online.In fact, there is only one official website dedicated to the subject, Fast Food Canada, which is run by the Food Safety and Quality Canada (FSQC).The site […] →Read more

How the Sonics Fucked Their Way to $1B in Revenue from the Sonic City Fast Food Fiasco

The Sonics, who are headed to the NBA Finals for the first time in 30 years, are expected to earn a little more than $1 billion from the franchise’s failed fast food venture, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.The Sonic Center, which is being torn down and rebuilt to be a $1.2 […] →Read more

Which fast food restaurants have been the most profitable?

Fast food restaurants were the fastest growing segment in 2016, but they still make up just 4% of the US workforce, according to a new report from Next Big Fortune.The fast food sector grew from $2.5 trillion in 2015 to $6.9 trillion in 2016.That’s up from just $1.6 trillion in 2014, according the report, which […] →Read more

Which fast food companies are most likely to be purchased by the NFL?

The NFL’s fast food industry has grown in popularity in recent years, and fast food giants have a strong following among’s Michael Rothstein recently examined the NFL’s top five fast food chains and ranked them from most to least likely to purchase teams by the end of the season.In addition to the five top […] →Read more