• How to fix McDonalds fast-food problems

    Fast food is one of the fastest growing segments of the American economy.According to a recent report from the Institute for Supply Management, fast food employment grew by 15 percent in the first quarter of 2018.The fastest growing fast-casual fast-cookers are McDonalds and Taco Bell.In the past two years, Taco Bell has doubled its total […]

  • When you think of fast food: The most iconic fast food chain in Colorado

    Farther south in Colorado, you’ll see the most iconic burger chain in the state, Burger King.And that’s just in Colorado.Burger King in Florida, on the other hand, is the most famous fast food restaurant in Florida.“There are other states that have fast food,” said Joe Fritsche, founder of the fast food business consulting firm Fritsch […]

  • How to get rid of the chicken on your dinner plate

    I was just out and about in Brooklyn, and as I was passing the old-timey Italian joint on the corner of Flatbush and Fifth Avenues, a man handed me his phone.“What are you doing here?” he asked.It was a Saturday night, and I was looking for some free chicken wings.I was craving them.I wasn’t alone.Across […]

  • Japans first-ever McDonald’s restaurant opens in Japan

    Japan is about to open its first McDonald’s franchise in a major Asian market, with the fast food giant aiming to sell the fast-food chain’s premium products at home in a bid to revive its faltering domestic business.The chain is looking to expand its brand in the Japanese market, which is currently dominated by fast-casual […]

  • How to buy cheap fast food from the internet for under $10

    I’m a fast food fanboy, and I know exactly how fast food gets served.It’s all about the cheese.So it’s no surprise that I love watching a fast-food chain’s menu, especially when it comes to their cheeseburgers.Here are some of my favorites.1.The $1.75 cheeseburger at Lazy Joe’s I am so into the Lazy Joey’s cheesebucks, especially […]

  • How to Get a Fast Food Tampon in Tampa

    The Tampa area has long been home to many fast food joints, but it is no longer just a foodie hangout.A new franchise of Tampa’s popular chain of fast food restaurants is opening in the city.As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, the new fast food restaurant, Fast Burger, will open this week in Tampa’s […]

  • Which restaurant is best to visit for a fast food meal?

    This is a rush transcript.[[The video starts with a picture of a burger that looks like a taco.A line of people is seen eating at the restaurant.]]{{title text: The burger is good.}}{{title box: fast food poca,fast casual amarilla,neastern fast food}} [[Two men are seen eating inside a fast casual restaurant.The menu says it’s open from […]

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