Fast food rankings: India is the best place to eat in India

India ranks No. 2 on the fast food industry’s Fast Food Rankings, which assess the country’s most popular fast food options, according to a new study from Recode.

The study is based on the most recent available data, and was conducted by consulting firm Mercer, and shows India’s fast food companies have become a bigger draw for American customers over the last several years.

The fast food ranking was created by Mercer in partnership with Fast Food Analytics, which also compiled the results.

The research company analyzed data from data from restaurant and food delivery companies.

The top 10 fast food locations in India are all based in the southern state of Kerala, with the top three cities each boasting three Michelin stars or higher.

The top three fast food chains in India also all have franchises in their respective states, which makes for a massive footprint in terms of restaurants and fast food sales in India.

India is a major market for fast food in the U.S., with more than 8.3 million McDonald’s locations, according a recent survey by The Economist Intelligence Unit.

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