How to avoid a fast food restaurant in Georgia

The Georgia State Legislature on Thursday approved a bill that would require fast food restaurants in the state to post signs stating “no fast food” and “no food from Tiermaker” at the entrances to their restaurants.

The legislation is scheduled for a House vote on Feb. 10.

The bill would allow restaurants that have a Tiermaker franchisee to have the signage posted within 30 days of receiving a franchisee petition.

The signs would also have to include the word “no” and the word ‘fast food’ at least once.

“We’re going to do what we can to make sure the people who walk through our doors know that this is an authentic Georgia brand,” State Rep. Mark McNeill, R-Coral Ridge, said in a statement.

“We want the people of Georgia to know that we’re committed to providing a quality product to the people.”

The legislation, House Bill 488, passed the House by a vote of 14-0 in the State House on Thursday.

It was referred to the House Agriculture and Consumer Affairs Committee, where it will be discussed next week.

“This bill was crafted with Georgia families in mind,” McNeill said in his statement.

“Our goal is to ensure the people at the front doors are aware that we do not serve a Tierney’s or Tiermaker’s fast food product.

That’s why we made sure this bill had a Tierone’s and Tiermaker ‘s signature on it.”

I hope the people will understand that the best way to make this state a great place to live and work is to serve Georgia’s residents the best food we can.