‘Fast food is the future’: Dallas fast food workers discuss fast food culture

DALLAS, Texas — Dallas fast food worker Amanda Linscomb was surprised when she was asked what the word fast food means.

Fast food, she thought, is a derogatory term for “white people.”

But when the waitress at her fast food restaurant at the Dallas Convention Center called her by name, she got an even bigger surprise.

Fast Food Is the Future”I guess it’s a term that people use to insult people who are white,” Linscom told Fox News.

Linscomb, a 27-year-old who works as a waitress at the downtown Dallas area’s largest fast food chain, Arby’s, said she was shocked when she received the call from a manager.

“The manager said, ‘I am so sorry for the call you just received.

Fast food is so much better than the white ones,'” she said.

Fast food employees often have to walk through a gate to get in to a store and it’s hard to hide behind a coat or scarf when they walk in.

But Linscott said that’s exactly what she had to do to get into the store.

She had to pass a security officer who was wearing a hat and glasses to get her way.

Linscott, who works in retail management at the Arby and Arby Jr. stores, said that when she went to the store, she was immediately told she was going to be the first black person to work there.

After Linscotts first visit to the fast food store, the manager asked her if she wanted a meal.

Linscorps first meal, she said, was a $9.49 sandwich with chicken and lettuce, two eggs and a drink.

Lipscomb said she wasn’t disappointed.

“It was so much cheaper,” she said of her meal.

“I was really happy to get it and not have to pay extra.

I don’t really like to spend extra money, but I really appreciate that.”

Linscotches father, Rick Linsdell, said the family is glad that Arby Foods is opening up fast food to all of its employees.

“We just hope this gives them the freedom to choose what they want to eat,” he said.

Arby’s spokesman John Wertheimer said the company is trying to expand fast food options to all employees.

The company also is working to provide better training to staff members and to provide new tools for employees, he said in a statement.

The fast food company also plans to expand the number of bathrooms available in the restaurants.