Fast food catering service takes over Texas’ airport

Fast food restaurants, restaurants, fast food trucks and drive-thru shops are coming to Austin.

It’s a welcome change for the city’s airport, which has struggled with congestion and an aging population.

Austin Airport is opening a new fast food location to fill a void in the airport’s dining and catering options.

Airport officials say they hope to have more restaurants open by Christmas, with an opening in February.

The airport has been trying to get more of its fast food businesses to open in the past year.

The Austin Airport Association says they are hoping to have 10 or 15 restaurants open in February or March, with a total of 150 restaurants and 40 drive-through shops, and another 50 openings in March.

The airport is opening its new fast-food location to help fill a hole in its dining and service offerings.

The new fast fast food restaurant is located at 6500 S. Fairbanks Road in the downtown area.

“We’re excited to bring in the restaurant that has been operating for over 30 years and we’re really proud of the service and the quality of the food that we’ve delivered to our customers,” said Austin Airport Administrator Tom Jones.

Austin Airport is offering a discount on regular meals and snacks for the first three months after opening, with $1 off all items.

That includes a $1.49 breakfast sandwich and $1 for an unlimited glass of milk, soda and energy drink.

Other airport-related discounts are also available, including $1 savings on food and beverage purchases, free admission for kids 10 and younger, a $10 free ticket to the airport airport shuttle service, and a $25 airport discount on airport passes.

Taco Bell has announced it will open its new location at the airport.

The restaurant is a mix of Mexican and Tex-Mex flavors.

According to the Austin Airport Authority, the restaurant’s menu will include chicken, fish tacos, salads, tacos, tacos en crema, salads and tortillas, and more.

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