What is the future of fast food?

Fast food chain McDonald’s says it is working on a food delivery service.

But it’s a little too late to take advantage of the new food trends and technology that are being introduced on a regular basis.

We have a lot of people who want to come and have a meal and we’re trying to work with them on a sustainable food delivery system,” said Mike Williams, CEO of McDonald’s United States.

Williams says McDonald’s is not planning to move fast food out of its U.S. stores.

Instead, he says McDonalds is looking to move it into more locations across the country.

That includes a restaurant that is located in Dallas.

We’re working with a number of cities to figure out what is the best way to do that, Williams said.”

Our hope is that people who are going to come to Dallas will feel the difference,” he said.

Williams also said that McDonalds will continue to expand its food delivery program and continue to offer more options for those who need a fast food meal.

Williams said McDonalds plans to add more locations in the future and expand its delivery service beyond McDonald’s U.s. stores and restaurants.

McDonald’s U-store food delivery, a fast-food delivery service, is still in its infancy.

McDonald’s has been expanding its U-Store food delivery to other U. S. locations.

McDonnys U-Stop food delivery is a new delivery service that allows customers to pick up and drop off their order from McDonalds restaurants.

McDonalds U-Restaurant food delivery services have also been expanding in recent years.

McDONNIES U-STORE food delivery has been expanded to locations in more than 30 U. States.