How to make your fast food burger taste better

Fast food hamburgers and fried chicken tend to get the worst reviews, but this burger from Leon’s fast food restaurant may be the best burger you’ve ever had.

The restaurant is making a new version of the burger every day and is now trying to sell more of them.

Here’s how you can eat it too: 1.

Use the burger bun to fill up your meal.

Leon’s burgers are now selling out and it’s possible to order a burger with a bun instead of the regular bun.

The bun is actually the easiest way to get a burger, but there are some tricky ways to get it.

Leon’s burgers have a wide range of toppings, but the bun’s a favourite with the fast food fans of Leon.

Leon says it’s a good idea to eat with your hands, but a bun is a better option for those with a hard time finding a burger bun that doesn’t leave a mess.


Bake it on the grill.

Leon has tried many different ways to bake its burgers, including frying them on the stovetop, but its most famous method is to bake them in a cast iron pan.

The burger comes out perfectly cooked and has a golden crust.


Cook it on a grill.

The burgers cook faster when you use a grill than a skillet, but Leon’s method makes the burgers lighter and easier to eat.


Serve it with a drink.

Leon also recommends serving the burgers with a beer, which it does by combining the burger with the fries.


Eat with chopsticks.

Leon makes the burger in two pieces, but if you want to eat the burger straight out of the package, just add it to your bowl.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the burger you want: 1, Bake it in a pan on the griddle.

This way, the burger cooks faster and it cooks evenly, making it easier to dig into.

2, Cook it in the oven.

Leon uses a cast-iron pan that is easy to clean.

It’s a great way to prepare a burger and to cook on the fly, especially if you don’t like the burger to be as golden.

3, Grill it on charcoal.

Leon recommends grilling the burgers in a grill for the best results.

4, Heat it up.

You can grill the burgers at any temperature, and the burgers cook at different temperatures depending on how much meat you use.

Leon suggests using a low-medium heat to cook the burgers.

5, Serve it as a salad.

The salad comes out perfect with a side of fries and a slice of bread.

It can also be used to wrap up the burgers to give them a more formal look.

6, Top it with cheese.

This burger is also made with steak, and you can add a little of the sauce to the top of the burgers if you like.

7, Enjoy!

Leon recommends getting the burger before you go to bed because you’ll want to finish it as soon as you wake up.

Leon is one of the few fast food chains to use a high-quality patty of beef, which makes the restaurant a popular destination for fast food lovers.

Leon recently launched its first mobile ordering app and has more burgers to come, including the burger-heavy Fast Burger.