How fast food chains are using Twitter to promote their product lines

Fast food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King are using social media to promote the new products they are launching, as they look to boost their brand image amid a recession that has hit them hard.

Fast food companies have been flooded with new advertising, and many are using a range of platforms to promote new products in recent months.

Some fast food companies are using the social media platforms to post advertising messages and promotional videos that promote their own products.

McDonald’s posted a video in March that featured the company’s new KFC burger.

Burger King posted a short video on April 30, highlighting the company brand.

McDonald said it has been using the platforms since early 2016 to promote its products, but it does not disclose which companies are sponsoring the campaigns.

Harvey’s and Taco Bell are among the companies that have posted advertisements on social media since the recession began, but they are also the only ones that have been paid for the content.

The ads have included food and drink promotions, such as the “Burger of the Day” promotion from Taco Bell and the “Chocolate Taco Bell” promotion for Harvey’s Mexican Grill.

They also include ads for new products, such the “McDonald’s Bacon Burger,” which features a taco shell that comes with a bacon patty.

The fast food industry is facing a lot of pressure to stay relevant during a downturn.

It has struggled to stay ahead of a number of rivals that have launched their own food products, like Chipotle, which is selling a “McFlurry” burrito that comes in a burger and fries.

Chipotle has also seen its sales plummet, and has struggled as more customers stop eating its food.

McDonalds and Burger Kings are looking to get ahead of the competition.

McDonalds recently posted its first ad on social networking platform Instagram and it has posted more than 2,000 videos and 5,000 photos, including a promotional video for its new McDonald’s KFC.

Burger King posted its own video in February that included a promotional message from Burger King, which featured a “Happy Easter” banner and a video from the company celebrating the company and the holiday season.

The ad, which has more than 1.5 million views on YouTube, is aimed at attracting more people to Burger King restaurants and promoting the brand’s food and drinks.

Burger Kings announced in February its plans to expand its U.S. stores by 10 percent in the coming months.

McDonald announced last week that it plans to open 50 new locations over the next five years.

The advertising campaign for McDonald’s bacon burger is being promoted on social networks, including Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

A video that has more 1.8 million views is being posted on McDonald’s YouTube channel, and it is the first ad to feature the new bacon patter.

It features a narrator telling the story of a family eating a burger.