What to look for in Chinese fast food

A quick look at some of the biggest fast food chains in China can provide some insight into how their fast food tastes.

Some fast food brands, such as McDonalds, Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut, are quite similar.

But other fast food franchises have their own distinct flavors.

The most obvious differences can be found in the food they serve.

For example, many Chinese fast foods have no bacon.

Many restaurants also serve pork.

The biggest fast foods in China are all owned by foreign companies, which means they are in many cases less expensive.

But you won’t find much difference in the price of the food if you shop at the store.

You can get the same kind of food in many Chinese restaurants for less than $2 per piece, according to CNNMoney.

This is probably why Chinese fast-food chains like KFC, McDonalds and Burger King offer so much of their food for so little money.

Here are some of their most common fast food dishes.

CHINA: The Biggest Fast Food Chains China’s largest fast food chain is Burger King.

The chain has been around since 1964.

Burger King is a major global franchisee of Burger King (KFC), McDonalds (MCD) and Subway (SUB).

Its stores and restaurants are all in Shanghai and Beijing.

It is the largest fast-casual chain in China.

There are about 3,600 restaurants in China and the company has about 2,000 locations.

KFC is a fast-dining franchise.

It has a huge franchisee network that is bigger than McDonalds.

It owns more than 2,400 restaurants and has about 1,000 outlets across the country.

It also has a restaurant in Hong Kong.

Fast-food chain Pizza Hut is the world’s biggest fast- food chain.

It operates about 600 outlets across China.

The chain is owned by the Chinese government.

Pizza Hut was established in 1980 and has branches in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia.

It started out as a convenience store chain, but since 2005, it has grown into a fast food brand.

It recently announced that it plans to expand into the United States and has already begun franchising restaurants in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

SUB has been a part of the Chinese fast chain since 1989.

It was founded in Shanghai, China, in 1976.

The company has branches throughout the country and a few international locations.

It opened its first restaurant in the Philippines in 1993 and is currently in a joint venture with McDonalds in Hong