How to eat fast food without eating at the McDonalds

A fast food chain is going after McDonalds for allegedly misleading customers about how much of a fast food meal it contains.

Fast food giant Subway says it will start testing its own fast food at stores this month, after the fast food giant McDonalds asked the federal government to remove the chain’s fast foods from the market.

The fast food company said Monday it would test its own menu items in stores starting Feb. 15, the first time fast food will be tested in the U.S. under the federal Food Safety Modernization Act.

Fast Food Now, a coalition of advocacy groups, consumer groups and fast food companies, has pushed for the FDA to allow fast food chains to test their menu items, but McDonalds argued that it should be up to each chain to decide whether to test.

Fast food companies have long argued that they can control the food they serve by testing their ingredients.

The federal Food and Drug Administration has said fast food should be tested by each chain and the federal health agency has said it would not enforce federal restrictions on the testing of fast food.