German fast food chain, Burger King, has been found guilty of racial discrimination

German fast-food chain Burger King has been ordered to pay more than $2.3 million in damages to workers and their families who alleged they were fired or retaliated against for having the temerity to wear a headscarf.

In the latest in a series of cases to emerge over the last three years, Burger Kings workers filed a class action lawsuit in September 2015, alleging that the chain’s franchisees discriminated against them by hiring white, overweight employees and firing them for wearing a head scarf.

The suit also claimed that the franchisees also discriminated against minorities by discriminating against them.

The plaintiffs said the fast-casual chain violated a clause in its contract that required it to hire only white employees and only white franchisees.

Burger King has denied the allegations.

Bururger King is owned by the Culver Holdings conglomerate and operates over 1,500 restaurants in 46 countries.

The company was founded in 1986 by Fred C. Culver Jr., who has been in the restaurant business for nearly 80 years.

The Culver family owns the Burger King chain of fast- food restaurants.