When fast food jobs are being eliminated in Australia

Fast food jobs will be replaced with machines, the Government has confirmed.

The announcement is a blow to many who had hoped the Government would step in to save jobs from the cuts announced by the Federal Government in October.

The Government says fast food businesses have been forced to close and that “more than half” of all fast food outlets have closed.

But for some businesses, there will be no new jobs.

In a statement on Thursday, the Minister for Employment, Workplace Relations and Training, Adrian Piccoli, said:The Government has made it clear that in the interests of jobs and growth, the fast food sector will not be re-opened.

“In response to the Federal Budget, the government announced the reopening of the fast-food sector, which is a critical source of employment in Australia,” Mr Piccolis statement said.

“While the majority of fast-casual outlets have been re-branded, some are still open, such as the Co-operative, Sainsbury’s, Woolworths, Domino’s, Pret A Manger and Hungry Jacks, as well as a handful of other businesses.”

The Government is also committing to making changes to the Fair Work Act to allow more flexible hours and better pay arrangements for staff.

“The Government had promised to reverse the cuts to the fast and fast food industry.

The announcement follows the announcement by the Australian Chamber of Commerce that it would be cutting jobs in the fast, fast food and grocery industries.

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