This restaurant is offering free parking at the end of the month

Fast food places have been on a slow roll since the Brexit vote, with many opting to put more emphasis on the “local” and local sourcing of their products rather than the global brands.

But now, some fast food chains are offering free access to the parking lot at the beginning of the year to celebrate their festive events.

This week, Pizza Hut is offering a free week of parking to its customers from December 3 to January 4, with all orders placed online.

“We are celebrating the end-of-year holiday with a new partnership with our fast-casual partners and friends to give you an extra weekend of fun with us,” Pizza Hut said on its Instagram account.

For those who are in the UK, Pizza Hole will offer customers a free two-hour carpool for the entire duration of the event, but those who order before midnight on December 12 will be offered an additional two hours free for the day.

Pizza Hole will also provide customers with free pizza and drinks for the whole of the day, which include a free bottle of wine on Sunday, December 13.

It is also offering free pizza for those who arrive between 11am and 2pm on Sunday the 13th.

Pizza Hut has been one of the UK’s best-loved fast food outlets, thanks in large part to the fact that it is an affordable and accessible option.

Its loyal customers love its simple, fast-food feel and high-quality menu, so it is no surprise that it has been able to offer free parking to customers during festive times.

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