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A fast food restaurant chain in Texas is using a new social media platform to showcase its menu and promote its fast food menu, a first for the state.

Fast Food Insider reports that the restaurant, Galveston’s Fiery Wings, has started using Instagram to promote its menu.

The restaurant, which also has a pop-up restaurant at the mall, says the new social medium has made it easier to promote and promote the restaurant.

Fast food chain, Fiery Wing, announced a partnership with Instagram to showcase Galvestons menu and to promote the franchise.

Fiery Wings will begin posting its menu at the new Instagram page at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, the first day it will be live on Instagram.

Fiery wings is located at 730 W. Fifth St., Galvesto, Texas.

Founded in 2009, Galvez has grown into a fast food chain with locations in the Houston, San Antonio and Dallas areas.