Fast food thanksgivings: Thanksgiving fast food chain to open up in Los Angeles

Fast food chain thanksgiving fast-food thanksgives Los Angeles the opportunity to become the first major American city to open its own fast-casual chain.

The chain will be located in Los Angles new retail and entertainment district, and will be able to sell food and drinks as well as a number of other items, including beer, wine, and beer-inspired cocktails.

Fast food chains have been popping up in the U.S. and other countries in recent years, but thanksgiving is the first time that a fast-fares fast-chain has actually opened in a major American market.

Thanksgiving will offer a range of food and beverage options and will have an on-site bar, a live music venue, and even a dedicated staff to help with the catering.

It’s not clear how much the chain will charge for its offerings, though we imagine that the price will range from $2-$10 per person per meal, according to a spokesperson for Thanksgiving.

It will be interesting to see how the chain’s pricing and menus will be received by diners.

Thanksgifts, a restaurant chain based in Los Altos Hills, will be one of the first chains to open a fast food outlet in Los Angelos new retail district, according the spokesperson.

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