Why french fast-food has become a global phenomenon

The French fast-casual chain Popeyes has become the global phenomenon in the fast- food business.

Popeyes now has 5 million outlets in over 190 countries.

In India, the company is the biggest fast- casual chain and it has more outlets in the country than any other chain.

Popeye’s Indian footprint has grown from a mere 20 outlets in 2010 to over 50 outlets in 2015.

The fast–caselos are a mix of local and foreign workers.

They are hired to cook the food and then sell it to customers.

The pay is low and the employees are paid in cash.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg News, CEO Jean-Claude Brisson said that the franchisees who are part of Popeyes franchisees, they have to pay their workers at least 60 per cent of their base wage.

They pay their other employees 40 per cent as well.

In the end, the workers are not earning any more than they paid the franchisee.

The company says it has paid the minimum wage of Rs 5.15 lakh per month for workers over 50 years old.

In addition, the minimum salary of employees is Rs 12,000 per month, the lowest in the industry.

In India, Popeyes is also the only chain to have its restaurants open at least six days a week.

Popeyes restaurants are also a good source of fresh vegetables.

“Our customers can enjoy Popeyes products from the moment they enter our restaurants,” said Brisson.

“The quality of food and ingredients are top notch.

The quality of our products is better than many fast food restaurants and they are also available from the drive-through.

This gives our customers a lot of choice.”

Popeyes says its franchisees are making a good profit from the business.

The company has paid out Rs. 5.7 lakh crore in profits since it was formed in 1990.

Popstars has more than 20 million outlets globally.

In 2013, it opened its first outlet in India, in Bengaluru.

In 2017, Popstars started a franchise in Chennai.