‘Vegan’ pizza fast-food coupon deals: Vegan fast food deals for your fast food fix

“It’s definitely not a vegan fast food,” she says.

“I just love my vegan fast-fares.”

The coupon deals were launched this week and offer up to a $20 savings off any of the following items: $4 off all veggie pizzas (from the first to the fourth) and $4 for veggie burgers.

You can also get an additional $10 off the following products: $10 Off a burger with a Veggie burger (including a choice of cheese and tomato) and a $2 off a veggie burger.

“I have a little dog named Mummy and it loves her vegan fast foods, so it’s a little different for her,” says Mr Mokay.

“She is a big fan of veggie pizza and she’s super cute.”

“If she’s on a diet or is looking for something that doesn’t contain animal products, it’s worth a try,” says Ms Tindale.

“For me, I don’t really care about the animal products or the cheese, but I would like to try some of these.”

“I’ve never been on a veg diet before so I’m excited to try it out,” says Michelle, who is vegetarian and has a family of three.

“It would be great to try out a few more of these types of items so I can try them all out in a little bit.”

The vegan fast meals will be available from Tuesday through Saturday from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

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