How to be a fast food mascot in 2017

Fast food mascotry is back, thanks to a new website that makes it easy for fans to become fast food mascotes.

The mascot site,, has over 20,000 followers and has received millions of hits, many of which come from a Twitter account named #Fastmascots.

The Twitter account was created by an artist who used the handle @sarahdavidsdavis.

The site has also garnered some positive feedback, with fans praising the site’s simple design and its use of social media.

But it’s also been criticized for not taking into account the cost of running the account.

A spokesperson for told The Verge that the site “is an independent and not-for-profit entity.

We are not affiliated with any companies, brands, or individuals.

We do not make money from this or any other account.”

The spokesperson also pointed to the website’s disclaimer that it “does not represent the official stance of Fastmobiles.”

The spokesperson added that the website is “not affiliated with the company or any of its subsidiaries.” is one of many social media accounts created in response to the growing obesity epidemic, including @FastMascots, @FastFoodMascot, and @fastmascott, which have since been shut down.

Twitter and Instagram have also come under fire for their use of the hashtag #StopTheFastMobiles, which has been trending on the platform since last year.

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