Which fast food chains are the most ‘fake’ in the US?

Fast food chains have long been accused of deceiving customers about the quality and safety of their food.

Now, the food and beverage industry has weighed in, claiming they’re doing the same thing.

Diane Ross, president and CEO of the National Restaurant Association, said in a statement that she was “very concerned about the increasing rate of false information that’s being spread about fast food restaurants and the fast food industry in general.”

Ross told ABC News that many chains are “deliberately misleading consumers about the health, safety and nutritional value of their products.”

She said fast food companies have “taken steps to increase transparency” but that the industry’s approach to the issue “isn’t working.”

Ross also slammed “fearmongering” that has come out of the fast-food industry, noting that companies have even hired researchers to investigate claims about their products.

Ross also highlighted the fact that the food industry has been “a major contributor” to reducing obesity rates.

The industry has pledged to reduce its own calorie intake by 25 percent by 2025, Ross added.