When a fast food toy gets you high, it’s a fast meal

Fast food toys are everywhere, and now, it seems, some of them are fast food.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a company called Fast Food Reno is developing a fast-food version of the popular Hot Wheels vehicle, a toy that is popular among kids and teens.

The toy, called Fast Fast Food, is a “fast-food-inspired toy that’s based on Hot Wheels vehicles and has a new look and feel,” the report said.

The company is working on an app that will let parents and kids interact with the toy through interactive videos.”FAST FAST FISH” will be sold at toy stores, and the toy will be available for purchase at fastfoodreno.com.

The toys will also be sold on the fast food chain’s website.

The Fast Food reno site says the toy features a “new look and look like the Hot Wheels characters,” and includes a video explaining how it can “create the most exciting, fast food experience ever.”

Fast Food Reoff has a long history of releasing products inspired by Hot Wheels.

It launched the Hot Dogs series in 2015, and Hot Wheels cars like the Ford Mustang and Porsche 911 Carrera GT have also been featured.

In 2016, the company also launched a Hot Wheels-inspired car, the Hot-Rod, which has been sold in toy stores and online.