The Best Fast Food Restaurants in the World

Fast food is in high demand these days, and fast food restaurants are no exception.

The restaurant industry is still one of the largest and most lucrative in the world, with about 4.5 billion people in the United States and Canada alone spending an average of $6.76 per day.

So it makes sense that, with the exception of fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King, there’s a lot to love about the rest of the food we eat.

Fast food also makes for a great photo opportunity.

Check out these 24 restaurant locations in the U.S. and Canada to see just how much fun it can be to go to a restaurant for a meal.1.

Taco Bell: Los Angeles, California2.

McDonalds: Portland, Oregon3.

Burger King: Chicago, Illinois4.

Subway: Seattle, Washington5.

Pizza Hut: Atlanta, Georgia6.

Denny’s: Minneapolis, Minnesota7.

Panera Bread: Chicago8.

Chili’s: Houston, Texas9.

Wendy’s: Sacramento, California10.

Chipotle: Austin, Texas11.

Pantera: Phoenix, Arizona12.

KFC: Memphis, Tennessee13.

Pizza Napoli: Orlando, Florida14.

Kmart: Orlando15.

Wendy-Douglas: Minneapolis16.

Olive Garden: Seattle17.

Olive Oil: Baltimore, Maryland18.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s: Detroit19.

Taco King: San Diego20.

Chili Pizza: Denver21.

Papa John’s Pizza: Chicago22.

Burger Kings: Austin23.

Kwik-E-Mart: St. Louis24.

Taco Joint: Indianapolis25.

Wendy and Doug’s: Indianapolis26.

Wendy, Taco, and Wendy’s Burger Kings in Dallas27.

Panoramic Hot Dogs: Seattle28.

Burger Express: Atlanta29.

Panorama Grill: Houston30.

Taco Hut: Chicago31.

Pizza Express: Detroit32.

Taco Tuesday: Tampa, Florida33.

Pizza and Taco Tuesdays in Las Vegas34.

Pan-O-Matic: Los Gatos, California35.

Taco Tues: Los Cabos, Mexico36.

Panini’s: Phoenix37.

Panette’s: San Antonio38.

Panetta’s: Dallas39.

Pizza Port: Boston40.

Panos Americana: Dallas41.

Pan’s Famous: Philadelphia42.

Pan D’Oro: Los Altos, CA43.

Pan American Grill: Chicago44.

Pan Am Grill: Phoenix45.

Pan Pizza: San Francisco46.

Pizza Quiz: San Jose47.

Pan Mex: San Angelo48.

Panella: Chicago49.

Panie: Chicago50.

Pan de Mayo: Houston51.

Panettas Grill: Pittsburgh52.

Pizza Pizza: Dallas53.

Pan Pizzeria: Los Angellas, California54.

Pizza Pan: Chicago55.

Pizza Paradise: Austin56.

Panerai: Austin57.

Paninis: Denver58.

Panu Pizzas: Portland59.

Pizza Bar: Las Vegas60.

Panzer Grill: Dallas61.

Panzi Grill: Las Palmas, Spain62.

Pizza Deli: New York63.

Panza: Los Banos, Argentina64.

Panzzeria: Orlando65.

Panas Pizza: Las Vida Las Americas66.

Panito’s: Las Cabanas, Mexico67.

Panzy Grill: Orlando68.

Panopie: New Orleans69.

Panita Grill: Philadelphia70.

Panagarias: Phoenix71.

Panamanian Grill: San Juan, Puerto Rico72.

Panajara: Phoenix73.

Panago’s: Los Lunas, Guatemala74.

Panamax: Chicago75.

Panalas: New Mexico76.

Panadillo’s: New Jersey77.

Panaki’s: Atlanta78.

Panana: Atlanta79.

Panaburger: Chicago80.

PanAmos: New London, UK81.

Panato’s: Denver82.

Pan Bistro: Denver83.

Panados: Chicago84.

Panbaklian: Philadelphia85.

Panazzo’s: Boston86.

Panayas: Chicago87.

Panazza: New Brunswick, Canada88.

Panarita’s: Orlando89.

Panache: Chicago90.

Panacha: Seattle91.

Panaxos: Chicago92.

Panabo’s: Austin93.

Panava: Chicago94.

Panavar: Chicago95.

Panco’s: Miami96.

Pancompte: Seattle97.

Panci: Portland98.

Panemos: Orlando99.

Panex: Chicago100.

Panenthe: New Haven, CT