Filipinos want fast food to ‘save their jobs’

Filipinos are demanding fast food be taken out of their homes and replaced with healthier alternatives.

In a statement issued Monday, the countrys chief of police said that the government will review the current rules and regulations regarding fast food.

“While it is important to preserve the Filipino fast food industry, we must ensure that the healthy and nutritious food is not just delivered by the Filipino community but also delivered to the entire nation,” he said.

“As a country, we have the responsibility to provide the best possible quality of life for our citizens.”

The police chief also said the government plans to increase the number of fast food outlets, to 10 per day, and to have them open on weekends.

He said the increase is needed because “a lot of people are still not getting the benefits of the fast food, which is a product of the globalization of the food system.”

The Philippine government has promised to increase its fast food consumption to 80 per cent of the population by 2025.

The Philippines has a population of 1.3 billion people.