Why is your fast food fast?

A new report from a nutritionist says the fast food you ate on a Saturday night in May was not a healthy choice. 

The findings from the Food Safety and Standards Authority (FSA) suggest that people who eat fast food are eating unhealthy food. 

FSA food safety expert Dr Mark Withers said the findings were not surprising given the prevalence of obesity and the obesity epidemic.

“There’s no question that people in the fast-food industry are putting their food on the table in a way that’s not healthy,” he said.

Dr Witherson said the FSA’s findings had been welcomed by the food industry.

“It means that if there’s a high number of people that are consuming a lot of fast food then that could be contributing to some of the problems we’re seeing, particularly obesity,” he explained.

The FSA said the number of fast-casual restaurants in Australia had increased by 50 per cent in the past decade.

But Dr Witherss said the problem was much bigger than the fast service restaurants.

“There are a number of reasons why people would be in the industry, particularly young people who have never had the opportunity to take on a job,” he added.

He said many people in these fast food chains would struggle to make ends meet.

“They’re not working as hard as they should, they’re not getting the job security that they deserve and they’re living in poverty,” he told RN Breakfast.

“So I think the big challenge for the industry is really the lack of a policy around how to support young people.”

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