When you think of fast food: The most iconic fast food chain in Colorado

Farther south in Colorado, you’ll see the most iconic burger chain in the state, Burger King.

And that’s just in Colorado.

Burger King in Florida, on the other hand, is the most famous fast food restaurant in Florida.

“There are other states that have fast food,” said Joe Fritsche, founder of the fast food business consulting firm Fritsch Consulting.

“But Florida is the biggest.”

And he says the state’s reputation for being a fast food town is more important than the fast-food chains themselves.

“I think that when you talk about fast food in Florida you have to remember that it’s not just fast food that we have in Florida,” he said.

“It’s not all fast food.

We have all kinds of things.

We don’t have everything.

But if you have fast-casual dining, you’ve got something.”

Fritsche said it’s important to note that Fritsons fast food is not a “suburban fast food” like Subway or McDonalds.

It’s a restaurant that’s designed to have a great experience, and that’s what’s important.

Fast food isn’t just fast, it’s good for business.

“Fast food can be a business.

That’s just a fact,” Fritse said.

Frito-Lay’s fast food restaurants are also considered a key part of its strategy to bring in customers and retain them.

The company owns or operates a total of 14 fast food franchises in the United States.

“We’ve created this kind of culture where we’ve been able to really take a long-term view and say, ‘We want to be a place where we really want to have customers come and stay, stay longer, be more involved in the experience,” Frito-Lays founder and CEO Tom Fritche said in a recent interview with the Denver Post.

With all of this success, Fritsey said, he believes FritoLay is the fastest growing fast food company in the U.S. “We have an opportunity here to be the fastest-growing fast food brand in the world, if we want to keep that title,” Frishe said.

The new fast food concept is the latest move in a fast-growing franchise model that’s already expanding across the country.

On Tuesday, Taco Bell, the parent company of Taco Bell restaurants in the states of California and Texas, announced it would expand nationwide, adding locations in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami and New York.

While Taco Bell is still a brand that’s well known in the fast casual dining industry, it has been getting bigger and bigger in recent years.

It currently has nearly 100 restaurants in more than 40 states, and FritoLays newest location, in Phoenix, Arizona, opened in March.

For Frites, it could be a step toward establishing the franchise model for the fast chain.

“It’s going to be something we’ve dreamed about since the day we started Taco Bell,” Fries said.

Fritses vision is to open as many as 50 franchise locations across the United Sates by 2025.

But while Fritkes vision may have a chance to succeed, it may also lead to a bigger competition.

And Fritsells future may be in fast food itself.

A fast food store in New York City in April.

At least two fast food chains have announced plans to open in the city in the next several years.

McDonalds plans to start up in 2020 in Brooklyn.

If you’re looking for a fast fast food option, the fastest food chain, Frito Lay, has a fast casual restaurant in Denver.

Its first location is scheduled to open later this year.