Leon Fast Food Admits That It’s Bad for Business

Posted August 11, 2019 08:11:30The fast food chain has come under fire in recent weeks for the “healthiest” and “most unhealthy” advertisements it has produced for its menu.

But Fast Food’s chief executive officer said he has been inundated with requests from customers asking him to remove the advertisements, which he says are misleading and offensive.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Fast Food president and CEO Michael Antonetti said the ads have been misleading because they are based on food and nutrition science, not science.

The company has also used outdated nutrition information to market products, such as its chicken nuggets, which are not the healthiest.

The Associated Press also reported that Antonetti was paid $250,000 to speak at an anti-fast food rally in April.

The AP also reported the company paid the event’s keynote speaker $100,000 and paid for the dinner, which was held in an upscale hotel.

The restaurant chain has also been fined more than $2 million by the Federal Trade Commission for misleading consumers, including by showing an advertisement for a pizza that was supposed to have been made from ground beef.

Antonetti said in a statement Friday that he had no intention of changing the ads or stopping their production.

Fast Food has more than 2,600 restaurants in the United States and Canada.