Which fast food chain is best for you?

Fast food chains are often synonymous with the fast food industry, with their burgers, fries and shakes often boasting a cult following.

But the fast foods in the UK aren’t necessarily the most popular fast food brands, according to a new survey.

Fast food chain Harvey’s has the second most popular burger in Britain with more than 7 million burgers sold in the past 12 months.

And fast food brand McDonald’s is the third most popular brand in the country, with more over 12 million.

Here are the top 5 fast food chains in Britain:1.

Harvey’s Burger Bar2.

Harvey Fries Burger Bar3.

McDonald’s Super Value Burger Bar4.

Burger King Super Value5.

McDonalds Burgers and Fries1.

Harvey FriesBurger King’s Super value burger is the top-selling burger in the nation, with an average of 2.3 million burgers a week sold.

It’s the second-most popular burger brand in Britain, after Burger King, with 7.6 million burgers being sold per week.2.

McDonald FriesSuper Value’s burgers have an average weekly sales of 2,933,000, and are the most sold burger brand globally.

McDonald fries are the second biggest brand in terms of sales in Britain after Burger Kings, with 6,068,000 sold per year.3.

Burger Kings Super Value3.

Harvey Burger BarHarvey’s Burger bar has more than 2 million burgers on its menu and is the second largest burger chain in the world, behind Burger King.

It has more burger options than any other fast food outlet in the United Kingdom, with 1,836,000 burgers on offer.4.

McDonald Super Value4.

HarveyFriesBurberry’s SuperValue Burger Bar has more then 6 million burgers.

It is the biggest fast food joint in the Netherlands and has 1.7 million burgers available in their outlets.5.

Burger KINGSuper Value5-Harvey Burger BarBurger Kings SuperValue is the most-popular burger in British history, with 8.6m burgers sold per month.

It ranks as the second best burger chain globally, behind McDonald’s.

It was launched in the 1980s, and is now one of the largest fast food franchises in the region.

It opened in the 1960s and has grown to a size of more than 50 stores worldwide.

The survey, conducted by Ipsos MORI for the Independent, asked people how they rated the burger chains in the area.

It also compared the top five burger chains.

Here are the Top 5 burger chains, according for the top burger brands in the British market, according with sales per week:1.)

Harvey’s: Top 5 burgers in Britain2.)

Harvey Frites: Top Five burger chains3.)

McDonald’s Burgers & Fries: Top5 burger chains4.)

Burger King: Top-5 burger brands5.)

Burger Kings: Top10 burger chains1.

Harvey FritesBurger Bar’s average burger sales are up 8.5 per cent in the 12 months to June.

It took a while for it to take off as it was in a time of financial crisis, but the company is now seeing a huge resurgence.

Its top burger brand has more burgers on the menu, and more than 12 million sold per day.2.)

McDonalds Burger KingSuper Value: Top 10 burgers in the market, up 9.4 per cent3.)

Burger KING: Top 15 burgers in market, down 4.7 per cent4.)

McDonald Frys Super Value:Top 5 burgers, up 5.5%5.)

Harvey Burger King5.

Harvest Burger KingThe Harvey Super Value burger is a staple in UK fast food restaurants, with over 6.5 million burgers offered to customers each week.

The brand is now offering more burgers than any burger brand outside of Burger King in the U.K. and has a strong following in the North West of England.