Japans first-ever McDonald’s restaurant opens in Japan

Japan is about to open its first McDonald’s franchise in a major Asian market, with the fast food giant aiming to sell the fast-food chain’s premium products at home in a bid to revive its faltering domestic business.

The chain is looking to expand its brand in the Japanese market, which is currently dominated by fast-casual restaurants such as McDonalds and Burger King.

McDonald’s said on Thursday that it plans to open a new franchise in Tokyo in 2018, with an expected total of around 2,000 workers.

The franchise will offer premium products such as chicken and hamburgers at around the same price as the fast casual chains, it said.

Japan is already home to a number of McDonald’s outlets, with more than 20 McDonald’s restaurants located in the country’s capital, Tokyo.

The company is also planning to open two new locations in Osaka, home to Osaka University. 

The Japanese chain, which has more than 40 stores in Japan, said it plans a similar strategy to its Asian franchisees in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The fast-Food giant has struggled in Japan in recent years, struggling to gain traction and struggling to stay afloat in an increasingly competitive market.

The McDonald’s Japan franchise is expected to be the company’s first outside of Asia.

It will be the first of its kind outside of Japan and its biggest outside of the United Sates. 

 McDonald’s said in a statement that the Japanese franchise would include an on-site chef and serve hamburgies and chicken sandwiches to staff members. 

“We are proud to introduce a McDonald’s fast-fashion franchise to Japan,” McDonald’s Chief Executive Officer Harold DeWitt said in the statement.

“This franchise will provide our franchisees with the opportunity to serve their loyal customers in the fastest and most convenient way possible, and we will help them to develop a solid reputation and create a strong brand within Japan.” 

The new franchise is being opened as McDonald’s expands its global footprint in Japan with the opening of a franchise in the US last year. 

Japanese fast food chain Japanyan announced earlier this year it would open a franchise at its main Osaka campus.

The Japanese chain has been unable to expand internationally since the financial crisis, with its franchisees only able to operate in Japan for a few years.