How to Get a Fast Food Tampon in Tampa

The Tampa area has long been home to many fast food joints, but it is no longer just a foodie hangout.

A new franchise of Tampa’s popular chain of fast food restaurants is opening in the city.

As reported by the Tampa Bay Times, the new fast food restaurant, Fast Burger, will open this week in Tampa’s Little Italy neighborhood.

This will be the third location for the franchise, and the first in the Tampa area.

“It’s a great neighborhood,” says Michael Schoen, a local food-service worker.

“They’re nice and warm.

I like the atmosphere.”

Fast Burger will be owned by the same franchise owners who have been opening their Tampa franchise in the area for over five years.

The fast food chain is a partnership between Fast Burger franchise owners Scott Miller and Michael Schauberger.

Miller is the father of fast-casual chain Papa John’s and a lifelong foodie.

Schauber, an independent food writer and food blogger, is best known for his blog The New Yorker Food Guide.

Miller was recently the host of a local TV show called The Food Show.

Fast Burger is the first Tampa franchise to open since 2010.

Fast Food Tampa opened its first location in May of this year in the South Tampa neighborhood of Tampa.

The new location will feature a large outdoor seating area with a large, high-end patio area and a large bar, according to the Times.

Fast food fans are excited to see this fast food franchise finally opening in Tampa.

“I’ve been coming here for years, and I can’t wait to come back,” said Ryan Ritchie, a Tampa resident who has been a Fast Burger fan for almost a decade.

“Tampa is a great area to be a fast food fan, and Fast Burger really makes it that much more fun,” said Ritchie.

Fast burger is set to open on Saturday, February 10, and close on Monday, February 12.

Fast burgers in Tampa is located at: 834 Little Italy Drive, Tampa, FL 32804, (832) 689-9976,