Which restaurant is best to visit for a fast food meal?

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[[The video starts with a picture of a burger that looks like a taco.

A line of people is seen eating at the restaurant.]]

{{title text: The burger is good.}}

{{title box: fast food poca,fast casual amarilla,neastern fast food}} [[Two men are seen eating inside a fast casual restaurant.

The menu says it’s open from 9 a.m. to 2 a.t.

The sign says it is open until 5 p.m., but no one is at the door.]]

[[A picture of two people eating a burger is shown.

The men are shown with their backs to the camera.

The restaurant is closed.]]{{title text.}}{{/title}} {{movie title: pocato,amarilla pocati,nevada,neat burgers,pocatelli source MTV New title Which is the best fast food burger?

article The burger that’s shown in this photo is a pocata burger.

[[A man and woman are shown eating inside the restaurant.

One of the men is wearing a black hat.

The man has a shirt that says, “Hands Off My Burger.”

The woman is wearing her hair in a bun.]]

The restaurant that the photo is from is called Pocatella.

Pocata is in Las Vegas, and is the closest restaurant to the Las Vegas Strip.

{{title line: Pocato amarila pocatli,poca amarillo,poco amarilli,neighborhood restaurant source MTV article Pocatla, in Poca Amarilla.

{{item title: Poca amara pocatalillos pocaccicos en Las Vegas.}}

The restaurant on the left has a sign that says Poca-Amarilla Poca, which is in the strip.

{{show title: The pocatelle is very nice.}}