What are the characters you love and hate in fast food?

Fast food characters are fast food mascots.They are the stars of fast food ads, on television shows, on billboards and in commercials.The characters can be cute, quirky or downright creepy.They can have a fast food flavor and have been adapted to suit different purposes.A character’s appearance can also vary from one fast food franchise to […] →Read more

The Top 10 Fast Food Ads That Are Better Than Your Favorite TV Show

Fast food ads are great, but not for everyone.The fast food industry has spent decades fighting for a place in our consciousness, and it’s working.That’s why the TV shows that get the most airtime are the ones with the best advertising.Here are the 10 top TV shows with the highest ad spend. →Read more

Taco Bell to pay $4 million to fast food workers

TACOMA, Wash.— Taco Bell, which is the largest fast food company in the United States, is paying $4.2 million to more than 3,000 workers in California, the company announced Tuesday.The settlement with the workers includes more than $3.5 million in compensation, according to a Taco Bell statement.The workers were among more than 1,200 workers who […] →Read more

How to cut fast food by 50%

Fast food companies are scrambling to improve their menus and menus for customers by cutting fast food employees and cutting hours, the Associated Press reported.The AP reported Wednesday that McDonald’s Corp. is trying to cut more than 100 jobs, including cooks, at a Pennsylvania fast food chain and its suppliers, and is also planning to […] →Read more

Why is OHIO fast food so popular?

Fast food and fast food restaurants have long been a source of controversy.A study conducted in 2011 by researchers at The Ohio State University found that fast food outlets are more likely to sell a food item if it’s fast food.According to the researchers, fast food sales are driven by a “food addiction” which has […] →Read more

How to tell if a fast food restaurant is in a fast-food hotspot

Posted November 09, 2018 05:13:18 The number of fast food locations in the U.S. increased more than 40 percent in 2018, according to a new report from food and service firm NPD Group.The company also found that more than a quarter of fast-casual restaurants in the United States were in the process of closing, according […] →Read more

Fast Food: The Movie: How the Movie Changed Everything

The Fast Food movie franchise has had an almost endless list of high-profile, cult films with the potential to become cult classic franchises.These movies can reach an audience in the millions and will have a lasting impact on how we eat and live.The Fast food movies are so beloved and are so highly-regarded, there are […] →Read more

Which fast food locations will be the next fast food restaurants?

The fast food giant is opening the first fast food restaurant in Denver, Colorado, on Thursday, but it will be more than a restaurant.Fast food is fast food and fast food is the ultimate fast food. →Read more

The Best Fast Food Restaurants in the World

Fast food is in high demand these days, and fast food restaurants are no exception.The restaurant industry is still one of the largest and most lucrative in the world, with about 4.5 billion people in the United States and Canada alone spending an average of $6.76 per day.So it makes sense that, with the exception […] →Read more

When a fast food toy gets you high, it’s a fast meal

Fast food toys are everywhere, and now, it seems, some of them are fast food.According to The Hollywood Reporter, a company called Fast Food Reno is developing a fast-food version of the popular Hot Wheels vehicle, a toy that is popular among kids and teens.The toy, called Fast Fast Food, is a “fast-food-inspired toy that’s […] →Read more