What’s the fastest growing fast food restaurant chain in Australia?

Fast food chains are growing faster than ever, and in 2016, the fast food industry generated more than $1.6 billion in sales.This year, the company has already reported record profits, with $8.8 billion in revenue, and with a turnover of more than US$600 million.With fast food becoming more and more popular in the nation, the […] →Read more

Why we’re still so fond of McDonald’s

Fast food is still fast food, but we’ve started to embrace McDonald’s more than ever.We have a lot of fast food mascot, fast food background and fast food slogans.Fast food mascottos are iconic mascots of fast-food restaurants that serve a quick meal and serve food.McDonald’s mascots are designed to look like real McDonald’s restaurants and […] →Read more

What you need to know about fast food fast metabolism foods

The fast food industry has a lot to answer for as it struggles to figure out what exactly its fast food offerings mean to the public.The food industry claims it wants to create a healthier world by creating a healthier planet, but the evidence is mixed.There’s plenty of research suggesting that fast food can contribute […] →Read more

Fast food rankings: India is the best place to eat in India

India ranks No. 2 on the fast food industry’s Fast Food Rankings, which assess the country’s most popular fast food options, according to a new study from Recode.The study is based on the most recent available data, and was conducted by consulting firm Mercer, and shows India’s fast food companies have become a bigger draw […] →Read more

How to avoid a fast food restaurant in Georgia

The Georgia State Legislature on Thursday approved a bill that would require fast food restaurants in the state to post signs stating “no fast food” and “no food from Tiermaker” at the entrances to their restaurants.The legislation is scheduled for a House vote on Feb. 10.The bill would allow restaurants that have a Tiermaker franchisee […] →Read more

When Vegan Burger King is not making you feel good, it’s making you go Vegan

Vegan Burger Bar has an extensive menu of vegan burgers, but it’s the veggie burgers that are really making people want to try the new vegan burger options.When the burger chain announced its vegan burgers in March, they were touted as being “the perfect meal” for those who wanted something a little healthier but not […] →Read more

Why the best fast food restaurants are the most healthy and least expensive

For a few weeks now, fast food has been a big part of my diet.Fast food has always been my primary source of energy and I’m not one to complain.I’ve got my kids in the car all the time, I get to see a few movies, and there are countless hours spent watching cartoons.But when […] →Read more

Which fast food products are best to try in 2018?

Fast food lovers are still struggling with which fast food options are best for 2018.Some experts say the best option is to go for a classic fast food or burger with fries, while others suggest a burger with lettuce, tomato, cheese, tomato sauce, bacon, and tomato sauce.If you prefer a burger, here are some suggestions […] →Read more

‘Fast food is the future’: Dallas fast food workers discuss fast food culture

DALLAS, Texas — Dallas fast food worker Amanda Linscomb was surprised when she was asked what the word fast food means.Fast food, she thought, is a derogatory term for “white people.”But when the waitress at her fast food restaurant at the Dallas Convention Center called her by name, she got an even bigger surprise.Fast Food […] →Read more

How to save $50K with fast food restaurants

By Kate BrumfieldThe fast food industry is struggling, but one thing that may help keep it going is cheap fast food.A report released by Bloomberg Businessweek claims that there are $350 billion worth of fast food options in the US that are only accessible to the super rich.Bloomberg Businessweek’s report found that fast food companies, […] →Read more